Get peace of mind with a spa and pool inspection.

Vannier Home Inspections provide essential inspections for Arizona's East Valley and West Valley.

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Spa and pool inspection before buying or selling.

While spas and pools can provide hours of warm weather enjoyment, they come with several regulations and can cause serious accidents. Also, spas and pools don’t age well. That's why a spa and inground pool inspection is essential when buying or selling a home.

Your report will provide answers about its condition and any problems.

When the Vannier Home Inspections qualified inspectors perform a spa and pool inspection, we check the condition of the walls and floor (the shell), the plumbing and electric systems, and fencing, gates, and doors. After we finish, we will send you a thorough report that details our findings and areas that need fixing.


If you are buying or selling a home in Arizona's East Valley or West Valley (and areas in between), a professional spa and pool inspection is a must.

Call on the licensed and insured Vannier Home Inspections team. You can rest assured that we work for your best interests and will always be honest with you.

A thorough ground-level inspection

To uncover problems, we perform all spa and pool inspections from the ground level. We carefully check the plumbing, filters, lights, valves, pumps and motors, electrical and filtration systems, adjoining structures, safety barriers, and more.

From Surprise, Scottsdale, and Waddell to Mesa, Buckeye, and Phoenix you can count on a thorough assessment.


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Benefits of a spa and pool inspection.


Inspections ensure your equipment and systems are in tip-top shape. We not only check the shell of the spa and pool and the electrical system; we also run the pump and filter and check all the valves, plumbing, and cleaning system. When you get a full home inspection, you will find our spa and pool inspection is a convenient add-on.


It catches safety issues. A spa and pool inspection that includes an examination of fencing, gates, and doors can expose problems that may give unauthorized people access to the water and opening the homeowner to liabilities.


The inspection provides peace of mind. From the shell to the electrical components and equipment, spas and pools have many parts that work together. A spa and pool inspection report eliminates any guesswork and lets you know if your water feature is in good shape. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, that’s valuable information.

Your spa and pool inspection covers*:


Inspect the surrounding fencing, gates, and doors that keep unauthorized people away from the water.

Interior Condition

Check the walls and floor for rust and cracks or chipping in gout, tiles, and lining that may lead to leaks or injuries.

Plumbing & Electric

Examine all connections to make sure they are working correctly.

*A spa and pool inspection is an add-on to a full home inspection ($50).


A trusted spa and pool inspection.

As a home buyer or seller, you want to make sure that your spa and pool are safe and in top working condition. That’s why a professional spa and pool inspection is a must before concluding your real estate transaction.

When you get a trusted spa and pool inspection, you will have valuable insights from an unbiased source. Our report will detail problem areas, and if we find issues, we will refer you to a licensed pool company specializing in making repairs.

No matter if you are buying or selling a home in Phoenix's East Valley or West Valley, the Vannier difference starts with industry-leading, qualified inspectors who perform a thorough inspection and ends with your confidence and peace of mind.

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