Keep your home healthy with a radon inspection.

Vannier Home Inspections conducts efficient tests with quick results for customers in Arizona's East Valley and West Valley.

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Protect your home from radon with testing.

A colorless, odorless radioactive gas, radon is found naturally in soil and rock throughout the world. Radon can get into homes through the air, foundation cracks, and other openings. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Every house, no matter its age, should have a radon inspection.

If you are buying or selling a home, or considering a home renovation, plan to hire a professional company -- like Vannier -- to conduct a radon inspection.

Our radon inspection follows these steps:

  • Set up testing on the day of inspection
  • Return in 48 hours to collect the test and send to lab for analysis
  • You receive a report with findings

You can expect about a two to four day turnaround from set up to receiving your report.

Vannier is among the top home inspection companies in the Phoenix area, most notably in Surprise, Buckeye, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Waddell.

Our team is licensed and insured, and you can rest assured that we will always provide you with accurate assessments.

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Benefits of a professional radon inspection.


A radon inspection provides peace of mind. Because radon has no smell or color, you won’t know about its presence in your home without testing. Prolonged exposure to radon can cause lung cancer. If high levels of radon are detected, mitigation measures like sub-slap depressurization can be installed.


Professional testing is easy. A Vannier certified inspector will come to your home and set up the test. The test measures your home's radon levels for 48 hours. When the inspector returns, they will collect the test and send it to a lab for analysis. You will get the results in a formal report. The entire process takes about two to four days.


The inspection with resulting mitigation can increase your home value. If your radon test comes back positive, you can remove the harmful gas from your home. By taking preventative measures, you can help increase your home’s salability and value.

Main focus of Vannier's radon inspection:


Professional testing provides results.


Our tests are conducted in a variety of inside conditions.


We help identify the entry points of the gas, which is a leading cause of lung cancer.


A reliable and efficient radon inspection.

Radon poses serious health risks for those who are exposed. To prevent lung cancer, you want to make sure that radon issues are addressed promptly before more significant problems result.

Radon testing is quick and efficient when performed by professionals. After you get a professional radon inspection, you will gain critical insights from an unbiased source. Our report will let you know the level of radon in your home and give mitigation options.

Our certified inspectors have vast experience providing radon inspection services to clients in Surprise, Waddell, and Buckeye as well as others in the Phoenix area.

The Vannier difference starts with industry-leading, certified inspectors who perform a thorough inspection and ends with your confidence and peace of mind.

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