Don't let termites eat you out of your house.

A Vannier termite inspection can save you from costly repairs.

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Termites are a bigger problem than you may think.

From Arizona's East Valley to the West Valley, colonies of subterranean desert termites live underground. Some of them may even be by your home. Left unchecked, termites can attack homes and other structures, eating through wood, insulation, stucco, pool liners, carpeting, and more.

We believe in a first-line defense for eradicating termites. During your full home inspection, we check for wood destroying organisms. We look for foundation cracks, wood damage, and mud tubes where termites can access your home. Termites are fast builders. In a 24-hour period, a colony can build and abandon a two-foot tall shelter tube.


If we find evidence of termites or any other wood destroying organism, we will let you know what we found and where we found it in a WDIIR (wood destroying insect report). Our licensed and insured inspection team works for your best interests and will always provide an honest assessment.

If you are buying or selling a home in Surprise, Buckeye, Waddell, Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, or Peoria, a professional termite inspection is a must.

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Benefits of a professional termite inspection.


Inspections give you insights. Termites can cause significant damage to a home's (or building's) structure. Whether you are buying or selling, a termite inspection will let you know the actual condition of the property before completing the real estate transaction.


Termites can spread fast. Some termite colonies can multiply within days to what's considered an infestation. Because they live concealed behind the walls and need only a small space to gain entry, a professional inspection can help you quickly identify a problem.


A termite inspection is efficient. Unless you know what to look for, accurately identifying a termite infestation can be tough for someone who isn't a qualified inspector. You may be able to spot problem areas, but locating all their hiding places is best left to the professionals. The Vannier certified inspectors have the knowledge and the tools to find evidence of termites.

Your termite inspection covers:



Check the entire home from top to bottom for wood destroying organisms.



Identify evidence of termite activity.



Provide a WDIIR (wood destroying insect report) with recommendations.

Note: Vannier Home Inspections offer a one-year warranty on termite inspections.


A trusted, professional termite inspection.

Termites pose one of the biggest risks to a home's structure. Getting a termite inspection from the professionals with your full home inspection will help you proactively protect your investment and keep any current problems from becoming more significant.

After your termite inspection is complete, you will gain valuable insights from an unbiased source. Our WDIIR (wood destroying insect report) will let you know if we found evidence of termite activity, any structural damage, and suggestions for fixing it.

Whether you're in Surprise, Waddell, Buckeye, Scottsdale, Mesa, or elsewhere in the Phoenix area, we’re here to give you a thorough termite inspection to help you make an informed decision.

The Vannier difference starts with industry-leading, certified inspectors who perform a thorough inspection and ends with your confidence and peace of mind.

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Termite inspections and services are provided through an agreement with Action Termite & Pest Control, LIC #8285.